Real Metaverse Tech!

Real Immersion!

We specialize in Metaverse, AI and the latest cutting edge 3D Immersive Web technologies!


ChampionVerse Metaverse Galaxy

Featuring our Metaverse powered technologies, ChampionVerse offers an incredible immersive world with high quality 3D graphics and gameplay Empowering Young atheletes through innovation.

Using the latest immersive web technologies users can enter an incredible world via their Google Chrome based web browsers on PC, Mac and even in Oculus Quest in VR!

ChampionVerse features virtual training, education, learn to earn, gamification and many other exciting things that will bring learners coming back for more! Come join us in the ChampionVerse Today!

Sea Sirens Designs

It's all about STEAM ED! Join us as we dive into the world of learning and education with our friends at Sea Sirens Designs!

Explore the beatiful underwater world and the coral reefs. Dive in together and experience a world like never before! Come and see what Sea Sirens Designs + Gen3Tek is all about!

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